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Credit cards for people with bad or no credit.


No Matter What Your Credit Problems!!!


Through The Second Chance Program

If you have no-credit, poor-credit, bad credit, or have been turned down for credit in the past 6 month, The Second Chance Program© is for you. 

The Second Chance Program is a unique plan designed for people who sincerely want a major credit card for the purpose of rebuilding their credit.  Not a short term fix!

Through The Second Chance Program you will be offered a MasterCard/Visa with:


We make it possible for those individuals who have Past credit problems, No credit history, Low income, Judgments or liens, a Divorce, Bankruptcy, or Have been turned down by other banks to acquire a MasterCard or Visa with NO TURNDOWNS BECAUSE OF CREDIT, yet who meet minimal requirements as to income and demonstrate a strong desire to Rebuild their credit!

To take advantage of our program....You MUST have a desire to REBUILD and repair your credit!

This is a complete plan that gives you the credit future you want and deserve!

Offline, you can purchase this program for $49.95.  However, a limited number of individuals, can order the The Second Chance Program© for only $9.95 if ordered by midnight .  Plus Bonus Gifts.

Our guarantee is very simple.

Since our conceptual beginning in the early 1960's many thousands of people with no credit or past credit problems, regardless of their nature, have received a MasterCard and/or Visa.

This solution has not only helped thousands, receive a major credit card but establish or reestablish their credit life.

If you are not offered a major credit card or satisfied in rebuilding your credit with The Second Chance Program, just contact us, within 30 days, for a full refund.

The point is... if you aren't happy, neither are we!

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Bonus Gifts

Used wisely, Credit cards are a powerful financial tool and undeniable convenience. They provide important consumer protections, such as giving one the ability to charge-back a purchase if you are not satisfied or believe you have been cheated.

Obtaining a major credit card, if you do not have one, will be a major step in building your credit Ė it becomes easier to obtain other credit once you have a major credit card. It is amazing the number of credit doors that open, once you have that magic Master Card or Visa Card. By getting one immediately, you will be six months to two years ahead. Those with a clean record have it fairly easy compared to the rest.

Without good credit, people soon discover itís difficult to just keep up with the no-frills, everyday existence items that are needed.  Unless an individual knows how to improve, increase and repair their own credit, they will have to overcome many obstacles.

Most people donít have the slightest idea where to begin.  But once you read the following information you will learn how to quickly improve and repair your good credit starting Today!



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